Dog Who Lost Puppies in Fire Becomes Surrogate to Orphaned Litter

Two sad situations have turned into one heartwarming story in Oregon. On Feb. 15, Lorna Murphy was devastated when her Border Collie, Chloe, died suddenly after giving birth to eight puppies. Murphy and her daughter were mourning and spending day and night feeding the puppies every two hours using syringes. But when they were 10 days old, she heard the sad story about a dog named Daisy, who’d lost her own puppies in a barn fire in a location that was about an hour away. Murphy reached out to the owner of the dog, Jessica Woodruff, who said Daisy was “so sad and so heartbroken.” They arranged for Daisy to meet Chloe’s puppies. “Daisy let them nurse right away,” Murphy recalls. “The puppies were so happy to have mama milk, they nursed and nursed and promptly fell asleep on her.” Daisy has taken to the pups, sweetly cleaning each of them as if they were her own. The puppies are now staying with Daisy until they’re old enough to wean. Then, Murphy will keep one to remember her Chloe, and will find homes for the other seven. — Read it at People Pets


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