Dogs Head to School — to Use iPads

Cats have been iPad experts for years. Now, it’s time for dogs to get in the game.

Fortunately, at Anna Jane Grossman’s School for the Dogs in New York, your tech-savvy pup can learn how to use your iPad, reported Today.

Don’t worry — Fido isn't going to scratch up your screen. Most of the apps involve your dog’s nose, and the devices are protected in cases or plastic wrap.

Your pup won’t exactly be learning to go after those devilish pigs in Angry Birds, as much as he might enjoy that. Instead, the dogs who take the school’s private lessons learn to “paint” on the screen by touching it with their snouts or select from a big Yes or No button (one of which will result in real-life treats). A third app makes the iPad one big camera, with which your adorable pal can take selfies. (And then he'll want his own Instagram account. Of course.)

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If you’re thinking there’s not much your dog will get out of this $50 lesson, think again. “If you teach the fun silly stuff, you're developing the skills to teach the harder stuff," said Grossman.

And, she notes, it’s a great way to play with your pup, especially in the city.

“We’re giving people a way to interact with their animals and to help enrich that relationship,” said Grossman. “We’re giving them a game, really, that they can play with their dogs.”


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