Dogs Rescued After Falling 100 Feet Off Cliff

It's a happy ending for two Golden Retrievers who plummeted 100 feet off the edge of a cliff in Southern California.

Sheri Wilson brought her dogs on a furniture delivery in Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., for her home design business. Lily and Marcy usually stay right by her, she told CBS News Los Angeles, but suddenly they bolted and ran off the cliff. Wilson says she thinks the Goldens, who love to swim, took off when they heard the sound of the ocean. She suspects they landed on a bush at the bottom of the bluff.

After two witnesses helped Wilson call 911, the L.A. County Fire Department and the Palos Verdes Police Department rigged a pulley to hoist the dogs up the cliff. Wilson says Lily, who belonged to her late mother, and Marcy are like her children, and she's grateful that they appear to be uninjured.

“They’re so special,” she told the news station. “People come to my store just to see them.”


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