Dogshaming Tumblr Puts Bad Doggies on Parade

Have you been searching for a way to publicly embarrass your pooch for his undesirable (and sometimes gross) behaviors? A new Tumblr called Dogshaming has got you covered. The blog began as the brainchild of Tumblr editor-in-chief Chris Mohney, according to Yahoo. What started as a cute little project has now become a full-blown Internet sensation. The concept is simple: have your guilty-looking dog pose with a note that details his canine crime. Take a look through the funny photos and you'll see a few trends emerge: dogs who get fur on the couch, dogs who eat vomit, dogs who eat out of the trash, dogs who eat their own poop, dogs who eat other dogs' poop and even dogs who eat human poop.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The site can get pretty distracting, so make sure you don't leave your dog unattended for too long. You never know what kind of trouble he'll get into.


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