Donor Covers Hero Guide Dog’s Veterinary Bill

Yesterday, we told you about Figo, the 8-year-old guide dog who jumped in front of a school minibus Monday to protect his blind handler. Figo suffered tissue damage and a small break to his right front leg and is recovering from surgery. Now, an anonymous benefactor has come forward to pay the veterinary bill for the heroic dog. The Golden Retriever’s doctors at Middlebranch Veterinary in Brewster, New York, expect his break to heal within about a month to six weeks. "I have no concerns at this point about a long-term issue for him,” said Dr. Angela O'Donnell. She said Figo might soon be able to visit his handler, Audrey Stone, who’s still hospitalized for her injuries. Once they’re both home, the Guide Dog Foundation, which trained the pair, will visit to assess the team. — Read it at New York’s


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