Don't Call Them Cool Cats: 10 Cat Names on the Decline

For every name that moves up a mark on the list of the top 100 most popular cat names, another name has to slide. And some names have fallen more than their fair share over the past decade, with a few dropping off the list completely.

Do any of these names ring a bell? They might be losing ground now, but they were certainly popular once upon a time!

No Longer the Cool Cats


No. 1: Nemo and Katie

Nemo was by far the most untrendy name for male cats, breaking into the top 100 most popular names at an impressive No. 27 in 2003 (the year Finding Nemo came out) and falling off the list completely by 2006.

Although not as dramatic as Nemo’s fall from popularity, Katie has experienced a significant downward trend, beginning as the No. 44 most popular female cat name in 2003 and dropping off the list in 2011.


No. 2: Bailey and Miss Kitty

Bailey has been on a steady downward slide for both male dogs and cats over the past few years, going from the No. 36 most popular male cat name in 2003 to No. 92 in 2012.

Miss Kitty was sitting pretty at No. 28 in 2003, but by 2012 she’d fallen down to No. 79.


No. 3: Spike and Pumpkin

Spike is holding on by a thread with the No. 99 spot in the top 100 after celebrating a No. 49 spot in 2003.

Pumpkin claimed the No. 83 spot on the most popular female names list in 2012 after enjoying the view at No. 43 back in 2003.


No. 4: Junior and Muffin

It didn’t work for Indiana Jones, and apparently, it’s losing ground with the rest of us too — Junior dropped from No. 57 in 2003 to No. 97 in 2012.

Although Muffin dug her claws in at No. 64 in 2003, a decade later the name dropped from the top 100 list.


No. 5: Boo and Tigger

Although Boo enjoyed a No. 38 ranking a decade ago, in 2012 it had fallen to No. 76.

Tigger bounced its way up to No. 42 in 2003, but fell to No. 76 in 2012. Interestingly, Tiger (one “g,” less bouncing) has also lost popularity in the past decade, but not as quickly — it was No. 32 in 2003 and No. 48 last year.


No. 6: Pumpkin and Snowball

Does this name sound familiar? Pumpkin’s popularity is sliding for both male and female cats (see No. 3 for females). For males, the name went from No. 35 to No. 72 in the last decade.

Snowball fell out of the top 100 most popular female cat names in 2011 after claiming the No. 69 spot in 2003. It’s also declined sharply for male cats, but not enough to make this top 10 list.


No. 7: Thomas and Zoe

Thomas might seem like a classic name for a male cat, but that’s not enough. The name fell from No. 51 in 2003 to No. 88 in 2012.

Zoe has fallen from No. 16 to No. 45 over the past decade, which is especially curious given that the same name with a different spelling — Zoey — has risen from No. 54 to No. 17 in the same time period.


No. 8: Sylvester and Sabrina

Doesn’t anybody love the Looney Tunes anymore? Sylvester came in at No. 77 last year after holding No. 41 10 years earlier.

Sabrina held the No. 72 spot in 2003, but fell out of the top 100 just four short years later.


No. 9: Tommy and Allie

Tommy grabbed the No. 67 spot last year after coming in at No. 33 in 2003. It’s worth noting that Thomas also made this list (No. 7 least trendy/No. 88 in the top 100), and although it hasn’t fallen as dramatically, Tom is also on the decline.

Allie was once the No. 71 most popular female cat name, but it looks like this name is nearing its end on the list; in 2012 it was barely hanging on at No. 99.


No. 10: Fluffy and Kiki

Fluffy is falling in popularity, having held No. 61 in 2003 and dropping to No. 95 a decade later.

Kiki has dropped somewhat drastically, going from No. 41 in 2003 to No. 68 in 2012.

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