Don't Call These Sloth Bear Cubs Lazy

Sloth bear cub on a log
Woodland Park Zoo

There’s nothing sloth-y about the twin sloth bear cubs who were born at the Woodland Park Zoo in December. “The curious explorers climb, jump and attempt daredevil leaps,” says Pat Owen, a collection manager at the zoo.

With a name like sloth bear, we were expecting him to say something like, “The quiet creatures sleep, sleep and… sleep."

Boy, were we wrong.

When the adorable duo explored their exhibit for the first time, their natural climbing instincts took over and they started scaling the logs in their habitat.

In all fairness, they did have a bit of a lazy streak. They spent the first two months of their lives clinging to their mom’s back. But, hey, they’re babies. Who can blame them?

Sloth bear family
Woodland Park Zoo

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