Don't Miss This Memo: Kitty Sticky Notes

Credit: Fallindesign

You're going to want to make a note of this. The world's cutest way to mark a page is now just a click away! The Smile sticky memo notes bookmark tabs (yep, it's a mouthful) are available in utterly charming kitty designs that are seriously the cat's pajamas. If pajamas were sticky notes. You get it, right?

The sticky notes are about the same thickness as a Post-It and can be written on (if you're OK with defacing these fetching feline faces, that is). Just think about all the potential uses! Save your place in a book, mark an article in a magazine, or, you know, just decorate your computer with them. We won't judge.

Oh! And if cats aren't your thing, there are also frogs, owls, parrots, bears, seals and more available! They'd all look pretty cool alongside this little guy on your desk, don't you think?

Smile sticky memo notes bookmark tabs (cat) are $3.20 for 50 sheets at Fallindesign.

H/t to Hauspanther for this fun find!

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