Downward Dog: Least Trendy Dog Names of the Year

You already saw the least trendy cat names of the year and shared your thoughts on the trendiest as well. But, since we love cats and dogs (and their names!) with equal passion, you had to know this list was on its way!

After looking through our database of 925,000 dog names given in 2013, we found which names have fallen the fastest in popularity over the last decade in order to determine which were the least trendy. Now that doesn't mean these names aren't popular at all — in order to fall so far, they had to at least start with some amount of popularity, after all. It just means that you're a little less likely to hear someone calling for, say, Spike or Tinkerbell in the dog park now compared to back in 2004.

Do any of the names in the slideshow below sound familiar?

Dog Names on the Decline This Year

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No. 10: Jasmine and Rusty

Jasmine, a first-timer on this list, dropped 33 places since 2004 to earn the No. 10 spot. Rusty claimed the No. 6 spot on this list last year and has dropped 43 places over the last 10 years.

Neither of these names made this year's top 50 most popular puppy names list, nor did any of the names that follow in this slideshow. But you never know; that might all change next year!

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No. 9: Tinkerbell and Bubba

Tinkerbell dropped 33 places, while Bubba dropped 46 in the last 10 years. This is the first year for both names on the top 10 least trendy dog names list.

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No. 8: Heidi and Rudy

Heidi took the No. 6 spot last year, but the name's declining popularity has slowed a bit. It earned the No. 8 spot this year after dropping 35 spots since 2004. Rudy, like Heidi, claimed a higher spot on this list last year at No. 3. It dropped 46 places.


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No. 7: Casey and Chopper

Casey, which dropped 35 places, was last year's No. 7 as well. Chopper dropped 49 places to earn its first spot on the least trendy list.


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No. 6: Madison and Joey

Madison, last year's No. 9 least trendy female dog name, dropped 37 places to earn the No. 6 spot. Joey dropped 52 places. It was the No. 5 least trendy male name last year.


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No. 5: Lucky and Sammy

Lucky dropped 38 places and held tight to the No. 5 spot it claimed last year. Sammy is becoming less and less trendy, it seems. The name dropped 53 spots since 2004, a fall that took it from last year's No. 10 spot to No. 5 this year.


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No. 4: Katie and Dakota

Katie was No. 4 last year, and with a 43-place drop in the last 10 years, it has held that spot. Dakota's fall is slowing a bit. The name, which dropped 56 places in a decade, was the No. 2 least trendy name last year.


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No. 3: Misty and Bailey

Misty dropped 50 spots and held its place at No. 3. Bailey has fallen 56 spots — particularly impressive because the name didn't make the least trendy list at all last year.

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No. 2: Brandy and Spike

Brandy was the No. 1 least trendy name last year, but its descent has slowed a bit with a 54-place drop since 2004. Spike dropped 58, earning the runner-up spot this year after being the No. 4 least trendy last year.

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No. 1: Holly and Scooter

Holly, last year's No. 2 least trendy name, dropped 55 places to claim the top spot for least trendy female dog names. Scooter continues its reign as the least trendy male dog name. It was No. 1 last year and stayed there after dropping 68 spots in a decade.

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