Dr. Andy Roark’s "Cone of Shame" Series Combines Laughs and Learning

In the most popular episode of Dr. Andy Roark’s new web series, Cone of Shame, his off-screen assistant lets a goofy pet store clerk into his office just in time to offer commentary on Roark’s list of the Top 5 Deadly Dangers Lurking at the Pet Store.

With his trademark sense of humor, Dr. Roark offers important health information to pet owners, from why you should check with your vet before giving your pet over-the-counter aspirin, to the hazards of the plastic bags your purchases come in.

“I want to help people enjoy pets as much as possible for as long as possible — that’s my guiding principle,” he says.“At some point, I got the idea for Cone of Shame and I couldn’t not do it. I get to do something fun and funny and really educate pet owners in a meaningful way. We can really dive into some content in a way people will understand and watch.”

Although Dr. Roark makes it look easy to produce his entertaining videos, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The veterinarian researches each topic and collaborates with veterinary specialists, such as those in nutrition, dentistry, oncology and anesthesiology. And he has all of his shows reviewed by two other veterinarians for accuracy.

“I want the information to be really solid — for people be confident they’re getting good information,” he says.

Having people trust what he tells them is vital to Dr. Roark, both in his veterinary practice and on the show. That’s part of why he named the series Cone of Shame.

He explains that he gets emails from people who don’t like that term for the Elizabethan collars that veterinarians often ask owners to keep on their pets to prevent them from licking a wound or post-surgical stitches. But he says the term often makes people laugh, and “the deeper meaning to me is that I see those collars as a sign of trust. They wouldn’t keep them on their pets if they didn’t trust me.”

You can subscribe to Cone of Shame on YouTube to get more new episodes, which debut each Thursday.

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