Dying Dog Lives to See Owners' Wedding

Charlie, a 15-year-old black Labrador Retriever, had lived through a lot with his owner, Kelly O’Connell, since she rescued him when he was a puppy and she was just 19 years old. Earlier this year, though, Charlie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. O’Connell and her fiancé, who are both veterinarians, had been watching Charlie closely and hoping he’d survive to see their wedding in Colorado this month, but thought the worst when he started to decline just before the big event. Amazingly, though, Charlie rallied just in time for the wedding. “It was almost as ifhe was like ‘no I want to see this.’ He got better,” O’Connell said. He made it down the aisle, and in a sweet moment captured by the wedding photographer, the bride’s sister carried him back up when he couldn’t do it on his own. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place, but his people where so glad Charlie was there — and O’Connell smothered him with kisses after the ceremony. He passed away a few days after the wedding. — Read it at the Washington Post

Charlie is one of five dogs owned by the beautiful couple whose wedding I shot last week. He was his mom's buddy well before she met her future husband and before she went off to Europe for vet school. Charlie has a brain tumor and is on his last few days of life. He walked around a bunch with one of the kids before the wedding and used up all his energy. He didn't have any trouble walking down the aisle but when it was time to walk back up it he just couldn't do it. That was when the bride's sister said "I am NOT leaving you behind!", scooped him up, and carried him. He's 80 lbs. She's 5'2". It was one of the most powerful showings of love for family (both her sister and the Charlie dog!) I have seen. Tears. SO MANY tears.

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