Edward the Superdog Saves Owner’s Life Nightly

Edward the Superdog and his owner Wendy Hilling
Canine Partners
Wendy Hilling's assistance dog, Edward, has changed her life.

We always love stories about heroic dogs who save lives. So we just adore the story of Edward, a true superhero.

In the last five years, the Golden Retriever has completely changed the life of U.K. resident Wendy Hilling.

Hilling suffers from recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, a rare condition which causes her skin to tear and blister at the slightest scratch. The blistering can also affect her throat, meaning it can cause her to stop breathing, reported the Daily Mail.

Wendy’s husband, Peter, had to stop working to take care of his wife. The couple also had to take turns sleeping in case Wendy stopped breathing at night.

Then, in 2008, they brought Edward home.

Trained by Canine Partners, Edward has brought the couple some much-needed relief. They can sleep at the same time now, because the assistance dog has proved he knows how to recognize when Wendy stops breathing, and wakes up her husband by pawing at him or pulling his pillow out from under his head. While Peter helps his wife, Edward knows to push an alarm and call for an ambulance.

Edward sometimes has to wake Peter several times a night, though she doesn’t always need an ambulance.

Wendy’s condition also makes it hard for her to handle just about anything, and she can’t bend down. So Edward, who the Hillings sometimes call Teddy, can help with all kinds of tasks — loading and unloading the laundry, getting things from the shelves while shopping, getting cash from the ATM, and even helping Wendy change her clothes.

Wendy loves the independence the dog gives her. And she’s happy to take care of him, too.

“Nothing can explain the feeling inside me when I wake knowing the day is mine,” she said. “With Edward I instantly go from the one who is cared for, to the one who is caring.”


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