Elderly Coati Surprises Keepers With Two Pups

Coati pup
Zoo Budapest

At her advanced age, no one expected a 15-year-old coati at Zoo Budapest to have any more babies, but Juliet had a surprise in store.

In early June, she gave birth to a pair of healthy pups, reports Zooborns.

“It is almost a matter of biological peculiarity" that Juliet successfully had the pups at her age, the zoo said.

Dad is 4 years old, which means he just barely reached sexual maturity before siring the babies.

The zoo’s staff wasn’t sure Juliet would be able to handle raising both pups on her own. So, they decided to keep one of the babies with her while they hand-raised the second baby. That pup will be used for educational programs at the zoo.

Native to Central and South America, coatis are members of the raccoon family.

Coati pup drinking from a bottle
Zoo Budapest

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