Endangered Tiger Cub Thrives Under Mom’s Care

The San Francisco Zoo's tiger cub was born in February.
Marianne Hale, San Francisco Zoo

The San Francisco Zoo’s baby Sumatran tiger is a girl — and she’s a beauty. During a five-minute 5-week exam, the veterinary staff at the zoo was able to determine that the cub is in excellent health, is up to 8 pounds thanks to her mom’s care... and a lack of “competition at the ‘milk bar,’” officials say.

The cub was born to Leanne on Feb. 10, and her keepers say mom is both protective and encouraging when her little one ventures outside of their nest box.

“Since the exam, we’ve been able to conduct brief socialization sessions with the cub to get her used to her keepers,” says Corinne MacDonald, curator of carnivores and primates at the zoo. “As we learned with Leanne’s last litter, she is an extremely attentive mother and allows us in the same space as the cub as long as she is able to watch from an adjoining enclosure.”


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