Exotic Papier-Mâché Animals for Your Walls

Papier mache rhino

Here’s a fun decor idea that turns that whole taxidermy trend on its, um, head. Let’s be honest — is anyone able to “admire” a mounted deer head whether it’s real or just incredibly realistic without obsessing over the unfortunate chain of events that brought that magnificent creature to that living room wall? But with these papier-mâché busts of iconic African animals from Anthropologie, you get all the drama of a striking accessory for your wall with none of the angst.

Choose your favorite from a selection of zebra, gazelle, elephant or rhino, or get one of each for a real safari room. Our favorite touch? The external layer of paper is made from vintage French book paper — très chic!

Savannah Story Busts, $68 each, Anthropologie.

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