Family Reunited With Lost Dog After Three Years

A Joyous Reunion

Cassie had lost seven pounds and was covered in fleas when Cheryl and Scott Smith of Charlotte found her, but they could tell the dog had once belonged to a family. A trip to the vet eventually revealed a microchip that had migrated around in Cassie’s body, although the information on it was outdated. Still, the Smiths managed to track down the elated Metcalf family.

When Cheryl Smith called the Metcalf home, “the wife, Brandy, could not even speak, she was in tears,” Smith told local TV station WBTV.

“We didn’t hesitate, we were on the road the next day,” Metcalf said.

“I only wish I could kind of see it through [Cassie's] eyes, to kind of know what she experienced and everything,” said David Metcalf. “It reminds me of a Disney movie.”

In this real-life adventure tale, the Metcalf family is extremely grateful to the Smiths for giving them their happy ending.


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