Family Reunited With Missing Dog -- After Three Years

Zahan, Ashifa and Zahur Lalji were happily reunited with their missing dog, London.
Zahan, Ashifa and Zahur Lalji were happily reunited with their missing dog, London.

When the Lalji family returned to California for a wedding after living in London for nine months, they were surprised to find that they were the ones who got the biggest gift of all: their missing Shih Tzu. Soon after returning to Camarillo, Calif., the family was told that London, one of their two missing dogs, had been turned in to the Ventura County Animal Shelter that day, the Ventura County Star reports.

The family’s two Shih Tzus, London and his brother, Mylo, disappeared from the front yard of their Camarillo home in 2009. The Laljis believed the two were stolen, and were thrilled to hear London had been found.

"We got to the shelter first thing in the morning, and we walked into the room, and he just went crazy, barking and jumping up and down," Ashifa Lalji told the Star. "There were tears everywhere. It's definitely a miracle that we got him back."

Someone had found London (who’s named for Ashifa Lalji’s hometown) wandering on the streets and brought him to the shelter, where all the stars aligned to reunite him with his family.

A microchip traced the dog to the Laljis, but the phone numbers that were listed for them had been disconnected because they’d moved overseas. Luckily, the family’s former veterinarian was able to track them down through a friend.

The Laljis plan to bring London back home with them — to London — in about six months. He's staying in the U.S. for now to get a series of shots and testing. Meanwhile, they are still hoping to find Mylo.


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