Famous Dog in the Window Is Leaving His Washington, D.C., Neighborhood

What's a Washington, D.C., neighborhood to do without its king? Romo the dog is so famous on his busy block that he's often called "The King of Adams Morgan."

But Romo will soon be moving to unconquered lands — the nearby suburb of Arlington, Virginia — and residents of Adams Morgan, his trendy D.C. neighborhood, are going to have to adjust to life without their local celebrity.

Romo's owners, Tiffany Bacon and Peter Scourby, told news station WTOP that their dog's fame happened by chance when they realized that the 150-pound Mastiff-Pit Bull mix loved to hang his paws out the window of their first-floor row house and watch people walking by. His fame quickly escalated, with the droopy-faced dog becoming the star of countless photos on Instagram. A fan made him a Facebook page. Scourby made him a "Romo" plaque that hangs beneath his window. And, like many celebrities, he even weathered a death hoax.

To see more of Romo, watch the BBC video below about the dog's impending move.


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