Famous Film Scenes Recreated With Annoyed Cat

American Beauty with Cat
The famous scene from American Beauty recreated with a cat.

We've seen lots of well-known movie scenes recreated with Legos, but there's now a series going around the Internet with a new star — a visibly angry cat. Over the weekend, Reddit user haissam93 (who declined to give his real name) said he and his sister decided to recreate the famous scenes from American Beauty, Titanic, Psycho and The Shining.

They have plans to recreate more scenes but haissam93 said he would need to find another cat to be the star: "This one knows not to trust us anymore." The cat was not harmed in any way, but as any cat owner knows, it's not easy to get patience out of a cat.

See all of the scenes on imgur: Film Scenes; Kitty Edition.

Titanic Movie Scene with Cat
Reddit user haissam93
The scene from Titanic (formerly starring Kate Winset) recreated with a cat. We love the attention to detail, especially the blue necklace.

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