Fan of "Downton Abbey"? Then You'll Love Houndton Tabby

painting of a dog in a tuxedo
toadbriar, Etsy
Matthew Crawley looks dashing as an Australian Shepherd.

Season three of Downton Abbey finally premiered in the U. S. this week, and Downton fans are abuzz about the goings on of their favorite fictional British aristocrats and their servants. But we're buzzing about these creative portraits of the Downton characters — as dogs and cats!

Created by artist Kim Parkhurst and available on Etsy, the Houndton Tabby series depicts some of our favorite Downton residents in their feline and canine equivalents. Each portrait absolutely captures the spirit of the character: Matthew Crawley as a dignified-yet-loveable Australian Shepherd (in white tie, of course), Mrs. Patmore as a ruddy Persian cat, Mr. Bates as a staid Pit Bull and — our favorite — the Dowager Countess of Grantham as a dour and sophisticated Sphynx. One can almost hear her purring, "What is a week-end?"

We think we're going to need the entire series for our portrait gallery.

8 x 10 Houndton Tabby signed portraits, $22 at Etsy.

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