Favorite Pets: Do You Love One Pet More Than the Others?

Hugging a dog

A few weeks ago, a daddy blogger set the Internet on fire by admitting that he has a favorite child. People chastised him for publicly stating something that might be discovered by the lesser-favored child years from now. While it’s not nearly as psychologically damaging to the parties involved to admit that you have a favorite pet, many of us refuse to do so. Even hinting at liking one over the other is sure to bring tsk-tsks of judgment. That said, I think we all have favorite pets, whether we’ll cop to it or not.

The blogger went on to defend his viewpoint in the comments section by saying that he actually prefers different stages of childhood to infancy (he has a toddler and a baby, ands he prefers the toddler), a point that translates to our dogs as well. Bringing a new puppy into a home with an adult dog can make the distinctions between the ages glaringly apparent. Dealing with potty training, nipping and household destruction can make the ease of living with an adult dog preferable. On the flip side, an older dog that does nothing but sleep might seem less engaging than a young, exuberant pup.

This article was excerpted from Petside.com.

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