“Feisty” Sea Lion Pup Reunited With Her Mom

Talise sea lion pup
Oceans of Fun
Little Talise has developed a strong bond with her mom, Sonoma.

Little Talise is only 2 months old, but already she’s been through a lot. Born on April 17 at the Oceans of Fun exhibit at the Milwaukee County Zoo, the California sea lion pup was a healthy 17 pounds, but her first-time mom, Sonoma, failed to nurse her.

The Oceans of Fun staff and Milwaukee Zoo veterinarians quickly stepped in to provide around-the-clock care, giving her special formula and watching her closely. They tried to pair her with a surrogate, veteran mom Makika, but she didn’t accept the newborn, reports Zooborns.

Fortunately, after a week of care from her keepers, Talise, whose name means “beautiful waters,” was successfully reunited with her mom. Keepers say the pup is now “doing beautifully” and has developed a strong bond with Sonoma, who is nursing her.

“Sonoma and Talise are often heard vocalizing back and forth throughout the day and night; these vocalizations are the building blocks of a strong bond,” according to Oceans of Fun.

Talise’s trainers say she’s “full of energy” and “strong and feisty,” and they’ve been working with her to teach her to swim.


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