Festive Fall Party Dress

Credit: Anthropologie

We herd Anthropologie had come out with yet another adorable animal party dress, and it's true. We've fallen in love with this filly frock, and couldn't resist this pretty kitty dress. Now that the Conifer Herd dress has hit the racks, what's a fashionable pet lover to do? Oh, deer.

We love the sweet print on the cream skirt; between the galavanting wildlife and pine tree pattern, it's just perfect for a fall get-together. The bright, removable sash makes this little jumper party-ready, and the side pockets mean you don't have to worry about a matching purse, which is always a plus.

Just watch out for any young bucks on the hunt — how could they resist chatting up a darling doe dolled up in this dress?

Conifer Herd Dress, $168, at Anthropologie

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