Finally, a Dog You Can Control With Your iPhone

Living, breathing canines are so overrated. For one thing, your dog Bella (and lets call her Bella, as that's the most popular name in the country), probably can’t tilt her body in the same direction as your smartphone and she probably doesn’t respond to all of your voice commands. Does she dance in sync with with your favorite songs on your iPod? Didn't think so. Thankfully, Japanese toy company Takara-Tomy has come up with a robot dog that can do all that.

The i-SODOG is a six-inch-tall plastic robot that not only knows 50 voice commands; it even has artificial intelligence, meaning it will change its behavior as you train it. After your robot learns all your commands, you can praise it with a nice petting session. According to Robot-Dreams, a sensor in the robot's head and back can tell when you're petting it and your robodog will respond. Alas, you won't be able to pet that plastic for very long; Mashable reports that the dogbot's battery runs out after an hour.

The gadget was recently unveiled at Tokyo’s Toy Show, but you won’t see it on shelves in Japan until 2013. The expected retail price is 31,500 Yen, says Robots-Dreams. So you'll have to shell out about $400 USD to add i-SODOG to your family.

Until then, you’ll just have to put up with Bella tilting her head to your voice commands that she can’t quite understand.


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