Firefighter and Paramedic Revive Dog Pulled From Burning Home

Firefighter Josh Moore and paramedic Bubby Bish carried Keiser the dog from a fire in his Virginia home last week, unsure if he was going to survive. They put an adult mask on the German Shepherd mix, in hopes that large amounts of oxygen would help him start breathing again. "I figured being a large dog like he was, an adult mask should work for him and I could get it over his snout, hold it there and keep him going," Moore told CBS6. "It felt like it took forever, but I’m thinking it took maybe five to eight minutes he finally started to move and wag his tail." Keiser was taken to an animal hospital to recover, and he was released a few days later. He’s now being cared for by Petersburg Animal Control while his owner is being treated in the hospital for second-degree burns.


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