Firefighter Rescues Dog Trapped In a Quarry

A 2-year-old Pit Bull named Daisy went missing last week in Gresham, Ore., and was found on Tuesday in the most unlikely and dangerous of places: stuck on a narrow ledge 50 feet down a quarry. Daisy was lucky — if she had missed the ledge, she would’ve fallen another 150 feet, reports KVAL CBS 13.

Daisy’s rescuer, firefighter Bob Chamberlain, was tethered to a ladder and slowly lowered down onto the unstable ledge. He gained the dog’s trust by letting her sniff her owner’s T-shirt and then carefully strapped her into his harness.

“As soon as she sniffed that she was right up against me and was ready to go,” Chamberlain told KVAL.

After a much-needed drink of water, Daisy was reunited with her owner, Tammie Johnson, who was relieved and grateful that the pup was safe. She told KVAL, "I just can't believe she's back, and I can't believe she did this. It's like, oh my God this is almost embarrassing."

Thankfully, Daisy is safe and sound and the only injury she appeared to have suffered during her dramatic ordeal was a bump on the nose.

Check out this video of the dramatic rescue.


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