Firefighters Find Tiny Kitten in Bulldozer

A crew of Los Angeles City firefighters battling the Cabin Fire in the Angeles National Forest had an unusual rescue Saturday. The wildfire has burned more than 1,400 acres, reports the Los Angeles Times. After using a bulldozer from a county yard to construct fire lines for two days, they turned off the machines in the evening, and when things were quiet, they heard crying noises. They looked under the bulldozer with their flashlights and discovered a tiny newborn kitten in the engine compartment. They believe the dusty kitten had been in the engine for two days, since the bulldozer was in the county yard. “This cat somehow survived all that — the high temperature, the vibration, the noise and the dust and we just took compassion on it because we realized it had been through so much already,” said one of the firefighters. They cleaned the kitten, found a syringe to feed it and set up a cozy box for it. With the help of the Animal Alliance of Chatsworth, the kitten has now seen a veterinarian and has formula. — Read more at Los Angeles’ KTLA


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