Firefighters Revive Cat After House Fire

Firefighters from Ames, Iowa, worked for more than 30 minutes to revive a cat who was found in thick black smoke in the basement of a burning house. The firefighters had to run back into the blaze twice to find Cleo. She appeared lifeless as her rescuers rushed to used a special oxygen mask for pets to help her breathe. "As time went on, (Cleo) started to slowly come to, started meowing, started to breathe on its own (and) started to move around on its own,” Ames Fire Department Lt. Jordan Damhof said. “So all positive indications that things were working well." Cleo was taken to the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where veterinarians were hopeful that she’d be well enough to go home after a few days. — Watch it at California’s ABC 7


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