For Caton the Clingy Sea Turtle, Fourth Move Is a Charm

Caton the sea turtle
Georgia Sea Turtle Center

After three failed attempts, Caton the loggerhead sea turtle finally has a new home.

Caton was a patient at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for more than three years. She was first found stranded on Ossabaw Island off the coast of Georgia in 2009, when she was diagnosed as severely debilitated and brought to the center for treatment.

Following months of treatment, the staff thought she was ready to be released into her native environment. But when they tried to let her go at the Cape Canaveral National Seashore in Florida, Caton just sat on the beach. She was taken back to the center.

A few months later, another attempt was made to release Caton from the shore. This time, she swam back and forth in shallow water before getting stuck on a sandbar. Again, she was brought back to the center on Jekyll Island.

Last October, the staff tried taking Caton out to release her by boat. They were hopeful when she swam off, but that wasn’t the end of the story. A week later, she was found stranded on Jekyll Island, and back to the center she went.

“For these reasons, we consider her unreleasable,” said Dr. Terry Norton, director of the Sea Turtle Center. So, the center worked to find Caton a suitable home in captivity.

Last week, she was transported to SeaWorld Orlando, where she will live happily as an ambassador for her species.

“She is a favorite of many of our visitors and I am confident she will hold a special place in the hearts of her new visitors,” said Norton.


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