Four DIY Projects for Pet Lovers

Photo by Treats a la Bark

Our friends at share four clever DIY projects that are perfect for pet lovers.

Treat Jar

Chalkboard paint is the gift that keeps on giving! The next time you whip up a batch of DIY chalkboard paint, consider making this unique treat jar from Treats a la Bark.

Place it next to your human treat jar (a.k.a. cookie jar) or let it hang out solo on your counter — it’s pretty, so you don’t have to stash it away in the closet!

Photo Pillows

If a photo of some “other” dog or cat just won’t cut it, that’s cool. We like the Real Deal Holyfield too — that’s why we love these pet-photo pillows from Yellow Brick Home. There’s minimal sewing involved, and everyone who sits on your couch will see just how much you love your pet.

Photo by My So Called Crafty Life

Suitcase Bed

Does your pet need a place to lay his (or her) furry head? Instead of piling a bunch of blankets into an ugly heap in the corner, make this DIY pet-bed suitcase from My So Called Crafty Life. We can’t promise that this will stop your pup from stealing your spot on the bed, but it’ll look great in the corner!

Profile Silhouettes

What’s better than a silhouette on your wall? A pet silhouette on your wall! Add a few of these beautiful DIY art pieces from Crafted Niche to your walls, and you’ll feel your pet’s love every time you walk into the room.

Tip: If you don’t want every piece of art on your wall to be a picture of your pet, try another DIY way to decorate too.


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