From Matted Stray to Handsome Homebody, Meet Elvis the Rescue Dog

I've always had outside dogs, and all my animals have been rescued, but I'm more attached to him than any of the other ones. He's super sweet.

I recently rescued a cat also. I found her in the ditch. She's probably about 3 weeks old because her eyes are barely open. Elvis has taken her in. I named her Priscilla. So we have Elvis and Priscilla. And he won't leave her side. Everywhere he goes, she goes.

Q: It sounds like you've rescued a lot of animals.

A: All my animals have been runaways or something. Actually, the cow dog we have now — he's a Blue Heeler. He was dumped off at the end of the road, and I called around and told the shelter there was a lost Blue Heeler. Nobody ever returned my calls. Before that I had an Australian Shepherd. And I had a Border Collie-German Shepherd mix — he was a really good dog. Of course, there's the cat I have now. I've had cows. One calf just lost its mom, so we've been bottle-feeding it. I get so mad when I see abandoned animals on the side of the road or there's one in my front yard. My husband's like, "We cannot keep them all."

Q: What's the one thing you love most about Elvis?

A: He's always happy. If I'm in a bad mood, he's always in my lap; he's always laying next to me. He puts you in a better mood. He makes you feel better. I get a lot of migraines. It's like he knows and will just come and jump up and lay there with me.

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