From Shelter Pups to Show Dogs, Jorge Bendersky Sees the Supermodel in All Dogs

Photo courtesy of Jorge Bendersky

Pro Tips

Whether you're planning to give the DIY route a try or intend to take your pooch to the groomer, Bendersky has one invaluable piece of advice: Train your dog for beauty.

"People teach their dogs to sit, lay down, walk by their side, but people don't consider training their dogs for beauty," he says, explaining that by getting your dog familiar with having his fur brushed, his paws played with and his lips moved to check his teeth, you'll make his experience with a groomer — or a veterinarian — far more pleasurable for everyone. "If you've been doing this with him and then the vet or groomer touches his paws, he'll think, 'Oh, I know this game,' and it will be fun."

So are you ready to give dog grooming a try? Let us know in the comments!

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