Frostie the Baby Goat Takes His First Steps With a Wheelchair

Frostie, a baby snow goat, is melting hearts around the world with a sweet video of him walking for the first time with the help of a wheelchair.

The affectionate kid lives at Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary in Australia, where he’s being treated for joint ill. The disease results from a bacterial infection that enters the body through the naval shortly after birth, according to the sanctuary's Facebook page. In Frostie’s case, it settled in the joints of his hind legs, leaving him unable to use them.He is also recovering from a lice infestation and dehydration.

While antibiotics fight the infection, being mobile helps Frostie flush toxins out of his system.

In a video shared Tuesday on Vimeo, Frostie borrows a wheelchair from Leon Trotsky, a pig who is also a resident of the sanctuary. With it, Frostie takes his tentative first steps before making his way over to a rescue worker to give him kisses.


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