Frostie the Baby Snow Goat Dies Unexpectedly

Some sad news from Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, everyone: Frostie the baby snow goat passed away early Monday morning. The resilient little goat captured our hearts with viral videos as he persevered in the face of many health problems and took his first steps with and then, incredibly, without his wheelchair.

In a heartbreaking tribute to Frostie posted on the sanctuary's Facebook page this morning, caretaker Pam Ahern wrote: "If our life’s purpose can be measured by those we touch, Frostie did meet this goal admirably and indeed it was only a short time on this earthly coil he needed to do so."

The sanctuary reported that Frostie's death was caused by abscesses on his spinal column that compromised his rumen, which is the largest chamber of a goat's stomach. Condolences poured in from many of the sanctuary's 90,000 Facebook fans in response to Ahern's note.

"For such a tiny little goat, who only danced on this earth for a short while, his reach has been enormous and he may just well be the harbinger of a brave, new and just world for animals as people come to see them for who they are not for what can be produced from them," Ahern wrote. "Whilst a part of me feels cheated that Frostie’s was not a long life, it was certainly one filled with more happiness and joy, love and friendship, kindness and compassion than many animals receive in a lifetime."

You can read the rest of Ahern's tribute here, and see little Frostie walk without his wheelchair in the video below.


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