Frostie the Baby Snow Goat Learns to Walk Without His Wheelchair

Remember Frostie? He’s the adorable baby goat at Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary in Australia who captured our hearts last month when he took his first steps with a wheelchair. Now, thanks to his growing strength and determination, the little guy no longer needs the wheelchair that he borrowed from his friend Leon Trotsky the pig. He can now walk on his own!

In the new video, Frostie lovingly chews on caretaker Pam Ahern's hair and is so confident with his walking skills that he practically dances. We can’t help but cheer (and maybe bawl our eyes out shed a tear or two) for him as he bounces around the sanctuary.

Most importantly, Frostie’s story teaches us a great lesson about perseverance and triumphing over adversity.

“Next time you are feeling down and it seems like you are facing the impossible, think of dear little Frostie, who’s overcome what looked to be insurmountable odds. And he has done it all the while with the happiest of dispositions,” Ahern says in the video.


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