Funny Pets Take a Stand on Politics

Stand aside, Bo Obama. Cats are getting political. The Supreme Court's upholding of the Affordable Care Act yesterday has spawned a new Tumblr: Affordable Care Cat. Just switch around the letters in "Act," and what do you get? Exactly.

The site pairs funny images of cats with political messages. One clapping cat says, "Affordable Care Cat Gives A Hand for Chief Justice Roberts." Another feline climbing a window screen declares, "Affordable Care Cat Will Give You Free Screenings."

But this new Tumblr isn't the only forum in town for feline politics. Pander Paws collects photographs of politicians interacting with animals. Its motto: "Politician + Animal = Furry Photo-Op." Over on that site, Michelle Obama hangs with Bo, Rick Perry rides a horse and Rick Scott holds an albino alligator.


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