"Furred Lines" Parody: You Know You Want It

We've never been shy about our love for The Pet Collective's pet parodies of hit songs, but this one might just be our favorite. (Although, you know, Thrift Shop by Barklemore was pretty darn good...)

Still, if you've had trouble getting Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines out of your head — and, let's be honest, if you've heard it, that's very likely to be the case — you're going to be head over paws for The Pet Collective's version: Furred Lines. Not only is it free of the obscenity and nudity that the original video features, but it's flat out awesome.

And hey, now you have an excuse to continue humming this catchy beat all summer long! You know, in case you were looking for an excuse. (We know you were. It's cool. We were, too.)

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