Fuzzy Penguin Chicks Hatch in Texas

fuzzy baby penguins
Moody Gardens

We all need somebody to lean on.

These fuzzy Gentoo penguin chicks at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, have a built-in support system — each other.

The two hatched over Thanksgiving weekend, surprising their keepers.

“As we were changing light bulbs and cleaning inside the exhibit, the parents stood up and we found the chick tucked beneath them in the nest,” said biologist Hector Morale in a statement.

Named Quinn and Raye, they were the first penguins of the season to hatch at the zoo — and they’ll be full grown by the time they reach 8 weeks.

They were followed less than two weeks later by another pair of Gentoos at the zoo, hatched to parents Renn and Garfield.


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