George Clooney Pampers His Pup in Italy

George Clooney and Dog Einstein
Left: Splash News / Right: Alamy

He follows around George Clooney all day, wagging his tail and drooling. But really, who can blame him? The actor's Cocker Spaniel, named Einstein, is spending the summer at his owner's villa Lake Como villa in Lombardy, Italy. And because lounging with sexy actors on a beautiful Mediterranean lake is so exhausting, the pooch recently enjoyed a spa day at Comodog, a local grooming salon. PeoplePets reports that Einstein had a bath, haircut and massage.

But Clooney's pup hasn't always been this pampered. When he was rescued from a filthy dog run in Los Angeles, he had to be treated for a dry eye and an underactive thyroid. We're happy that Einstein is now living the good life with Clooney — but we're also a little jealous!


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