Get Pet Photos Worthy of a Gallery Wall

AllPopArt canvas
Warhol style, the original pop art classic.

It’s time to make room above the mantle and pay proper homage to our most-loved critters with a striking piece of pet portraiture from AllPopArt. The online service offers oodles of choices to make your pet's picture pop, from graffiti, comic book and retro effects to Andy Warhol-inspired block prints. Simply upload a favorite photo, select the effect you prefer and presto. In 3 - 5 days, AllPopArt will create a custom design of your pet’s mug printed on a stretched canvas frame or fine art paper. You even have a chance to give feedback to the designers, make color modifications and approve the piece before it’s finalized.

AllPopArt’s services aren’t cheap — the process starts at around $70 and can go as high as $600 — but most orders fall within the $150 - $200 range. And really, that’s a small price to pay when attempting to immortalize one of your most important family members.

AllPopArt’s Pet Art, $70 - $600


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