Get Some Jammies for Your Lambies

Sheep might be naturally covered in fleece — but when shearing time comes around, they lose all that soft, comfortable fur. And it’s probably so humiliating to be seen naked around the barnyard. Well, thanks to "lambie jammies," sheep can wear synthetic fleece in a variety of fun colors and patterns that range from hot pink to tie-dye. But your flock of sheep shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun. According to Mother Jones, you can sport a matching headband so that you and your lamb can be twins!

As silly as they sound, lamb pajamas actually do serve a practical purpose. Newborn lambs that aren’t getting enough attention from mom could get too cold, so the pajamas keep them warm, reports Today.

Buy the jammiesthrough places like Good Shepherd Lamb Coats or use templates to make your own. Now that’s something to baa about!


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