Giving Thanks for Adorable Animal Videos

Here at Vetstreet, we’re full of gratitude for the fact that part of our job is to watch cute and funny animal videos on the Internet. We’re also grateful for the animals who star in them and the people who post them.

So, for Thanksgiving, we thought we’d pull together a roundup of some of the videos that we’re feeling most thankful for this year.

Check them out below. You can thank us later.

The Screaming Goats

This super cut, which made the rounds early this year, makes us laugh. Every. Single. Time. And we’re not alone — it’s been watched more than 21 million times on YouTube! Really, how can these goats sound so much like humans yelling? We don’t know, but, hey, we’re willing to watch it a few dozen more times to try to figure it out.

Cat vs. Printer

Remy makes a sneak attack on the paper that dares to come out of her owner’s printer whenever she hits print. Never gets old. And neither does the video of it.

A Bucketful of Baby Sloths

Who among us isn’t grateful for sloths? That’s what we thought. A bunch of sloths hang out in a big red bucket, and (not surprisingly), they’re in no hurry to get anywhere.


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