"Glee" Star Chris Colfer Rescues Beached Stingray

Glee's Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer is a marine animal superhero. While many of us wouldn’t touch a stingray with a ten-foot pole, the Glee star saved one of these creatures last week during his morning jog in Pismo Beach, Calif. “I thought it was dead at first,” Colfer told People. “I see it start breathing and moving and I’m freaking out. I immediately start screaming, ‘Help, somebody help! There’s a beach stingray!’”

Even the ray’s menacing barbed stinger didn’t stop the actor from saving the animal’s life. He ingeniously used seaweed to protect his hands.

“I immediately wrapped my hands in seaweed and began flipping him like a pancake back into the water," the actor told People. "And eventually he got to a deep enough part of the beach where he swam away – so I saved a stingray. So that was rewarding."

Colfer tweeted a photo of the lucky animal and wrote, "I rescued a beached sting ray yesterday! That's not a metaphor, it actually happened! Poor guy had a rough day..."


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