Glee's Chris Colfer Dishes on His 22-Pound Cat

Glee star Chris Colfer recently appeared on Live! With Kelly, reports People Pets, and gabbed about his chunky 8-year-old cat, Brian.

Colfer, who portrays the always fashionable Kurt Hummel on the show, adopted the pudgy feline in April. He revealed to Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Jimmy Kimmel that he hasn’t had much luck getting Brian to shed the extra pounds.

"He's a little bit in denial about his size and thinks he's very, very small,” Colfer told the hosts.

Kimmel asked the star if he tried putting Brian on a diet. The clever kitty, Colfer explained, thwarted his attempts and continually broke into his food.

"He would literally pick the lock around the safe where his treats are in."

That's one determined cat.


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