Gorilla Shows Off Maternal Skills at Buffalo Zoo

Baby Gorilla at the Buffalo Zoo
Kelly Brown, Buffalo Zoo
Mom Lily cuddles with her infant at the Buffalo Zoo.

She might be a first-time mom, but 12-year-old western lowland gorilla Lily is taking great care of her baby.

The baby, whose dad is 26-year-old Koga, was born on Sept. 4 at the Buffalo Zoo. The protective mom hasn’t yet let her keepers close enough to confirm the newborn’s gender, but they think it’s a girl.

During her 8-½-month pregnancy, the staff at the zoo monitored the baby’s development with ultrasounds. Lily was trained to present her belly to her keepers and stay calm during the exams.

The little one will soon join her parents and the rest of her troop on exhibit at the zoo.


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