Got a Fat Cat? Here Are 7 Simple Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Fat Cat
Many cats may gain weight after they're sterilized if their portions are not adjusted.

Step 4: Feed smaller meals more times a day. A new study advances the notion that more frequent meals means cats move more in advance of their feedings. Makes sense seeing as petite prey is what smaller wild cats tend to consume.

Step 5: Schedule feedings. Since it’s been proposed by the authors in the above-referenced article that multiple feedings make cats move, it follows that adhering to scheduled feeding times means they know just when to get a move on.

Step 6: Consider the sterilization effect. There’s new evidence to suggest that our cats’ metabolisms slow down dramatically in the first few months after sterilization. This, my dear feline-loving readers, is the time to start implementing portion-control measures! Ask your veterinarian to guestimate your cat's ideal caloric intake. It will almost certainly be less than what he or she has been eating thus far.

Step 7: Exercise! The honest truth is that cats who live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle are less likely to be overweight or obese. But that’s not to say I’m advocating out-of-doors living. After all, indoor-only cats are safer from trauma, less disease-prone, and not as likely to kill sensitive species. But that doesn’t mean indoor cats can’t be motivated to exercise.

Try fishing-line-type toys, laser pointer devices, throwing low-cal treats across the room (frozen peas and corn have worked for me in the past), and hiding tiny bits of nibbles around the house so that even indoor cats can experience the thrill of the “hunt.”

There's No Excuse

Now that you have the evidence in hand, will you comply? Interestingly, most of my fat cat owners won't. What's up with that?

Here are a few of the reasons they cite for failing to follow these veterinary recommendations, accompanied by my responses:

Them: I have too many cats to feed them separately.

Me: OK, so unless you live in an urban micro space, you at least have a bathroom, a bedroom and a living area, right? And if you don’t have three rooms, you probably shouldn’t have more than three cats, anyway. (That’s just my opinion.) So it shouldn’t be so hard to get everyone to adhere to the habit of eating alone.


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