Got a Fat Cat? Here Are 7 Simple Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Them: My cats don’t like wet food.

Me: The unfortunate fact is that many cats are “kibble-addicted.” Nonetheless, it’s possible to encourage wet food consumption by gradually moistening the dry diets with a strong, low-sodium beef or chicken stock. (I buy super-cheap organ meats expressly for this purpose.)

And let’s be honest: You probably wouldn’t have had any trouble had you employed wet food practices when they were kittens. Starting them off young is always a great idea.

Them: They steal each other's food.

Me: Watch them while they eat. Feed them in separate rooms. Pick up the bowls when they’re done. If they leave any behind, be sure to remove the remainder. They’ll eat more later if they’re still hungry.

Cats Deserve Attention Too

All of the above makes perfect sense to me. But then, not everyone has the luxury of a highly scheduled lifestyle and a lot of time to devote to their cats. I mean, cats are America’s most popular pets predominantly because they’re considered so “low-maintenance.”

Yet in defiance of popular opinion, I’ll propose here that feline welfare is not best served by a hands-off approach to their care. After all, pets are hard work! And just because they appear so independent doesn’t mean they deserve any less attention than our much-beloved but more demanding dogs.

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