Great Holiday Gifts for Cats

Trying to find just the right present to engage and entertain your pet can be a challenge. So we drew on our own expertise — with additional advice from the cat mavens at Moderncat and Romeo the Cat — to put together a list of 10 purrfect items for your favorite feline.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cats

Credit: The Company of Pets

Canine Cat Scratcher

In this particular battle of cats vs. dogs, Fluffy clearly comes out on top. This amusing cat scratcher is shaped like a Bull Terrier and may just be the perfect thing to get some of that anti-Fido aggression out.

Canine Cat Scratcher, $395 at The Company of Pets

Credit: moderncat, Etsy

Holiday Lynks Felted Wool Cat Toys

Don't forget the stocking stuffers! These toys, designed and made by Gerda Lobo exclusively for Moderncat Studio, are crocheted from 100 percent Peruvian Highland wool and felted several times to get the perfect texture that kitties love. And just think: With toys this soft, they won't hurt when you step on them in the middle of the night!

Holiday Lynks Felted Wool Cat Toys, $8 at Moderncat, Etsy

Credit: Hagen

Catit Design Senses Massage Center

The holidays can be stressful, and you know what? You're not the only one who could use a massage. This interactive toy offers a variety of cat-friendly textures and surfaces, including pressure point paw massage. The massage center can be used on its own or in conjunction with other products from the Catit Design Senses line.

Catit Design Senses Massage Center, $11.70 at Amazon


Printed Cat Teepee

Everyone — including your favorite feline — deserves a place to call his own. And this cat teepee is almost too cute for words.

Printed Cat Teepee, $88 at Free People

Credit: Designer Pet Products

Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

These modern mounted shelves give your resident feline a sleek and safe place to perch. And when your cat isn't using them, the shelves are still interesting design elements for your wall.

Sophia Wall-Mounted Cat Tree, $149.95 (currently on sale for $109.95) at Designer Pet Products


DuckyWorld Yeowww! Dreidel Krinkle Holiday Bundle

Don't forget your pets during Hanukkah. This holiday gift bundle has catnip-filled toys in the shape of a dreidel, a candy cane and a banana (because hey, why not?), plus a miniature catnip pack.

DuckyWorld Yeowww! Dreidel Krinkle Holiday Bundle, $18.99 at


Wave Burlap Tunnel With Crinkle Sound

Cats love to hide, and they love things that crinkle, so is there any chance your kitty won't fall in love with this crinkly little hideaway? Oh, and there's catnip in a hidden pouch inside the tunnel, just in case your feline needs a bit more persuasion.

Wave Burlap Tunnel With Crinkle Sound, $15.99 at

Credit: istockphoto

Music for Cats

Your cat might not share your affinity for Adele, but that's OK; there's music made just for your kitty. There are several songs that you can listen to and download. At only $1.99 each, why not try them out and see if your cat responds to the "relaxing" one or the "energizing" one?

Kitty Ditties, Cat Ballads and Feline Airs, $1.99 per download at Music for Cats


Designer Eatery In-Wall Pet Bowl

Leaving your pet's food bowls on the floor is so 2011. Did you know that all the cool cats are eating from sleek modernist wall-mounted bowls?

Designer Eatery In-Wall Pet Bowl, $92.99 at

Credit: TheCatBall, Etsy

Christmas Cat Ball

Searching for something handmade for the holidays? The Cat Ball has two openings, one large and one small for crawling in and out. And the whole thing can be smashed and pushed and still pops back up (seen here). While we love the Christmas motif in the photo, it's also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The Cat Ball, $74.99 at TheCatBall, Etsy

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