Happy National Hot Dog Month to All!

National Hot Dog Month hot dog costume

Grab the ketchup but hold the relish: It’s National Hot Dog Month!

Sure you could celebrate by chowing down on frankfurters every day in July, but we think it would be more fun (and better for you) if you mark this important month by honoring the Dachshund, the original wiener dog.

There's only one way to truly honor the hottest hot dog dog (try saying that five times fast): You need dress your Doxie up as a hot dog. Wayfair.com’s Hot Diggity Dog costume will do just the trick.

Place your pup between the costume’s plump, poppy seed buns and place the zig-zag of ketchup or mustard on his back and voilà, you’ve got a hot dog that look good enough to eat — er, take lots of adorable photos of and post on our Crittr Facebook page. Enjoy!

Don’t have a Dachshund, or let alone a dog? Your cat can get in on all the fun with Wayfair’s Dachshund Scratcher. The 100 percent recyclable scratching board lets your kitty unleash his true feelings about Doxies, without, you know, actually harming them.

Wayfair Doxie scratcher for cats

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