Harbor Seal Preemie Rescued in Alaska Fights For Survival

Olympia was just two days old when she was rescued off the coast of Alaska — the harbor seal pup's white, fluffy lanugo coat a telltale sign that she'd been born prematurely.

According to Zooborns, the 13-pound pup was found on May 2, and the Haines Animal Rescue Center put her on a last-minute flight to Juneau, where a veterinarian stabilized Olympia before transporting her to the Alaska Sealife Center.

“It is likely that Olympia was abandoned by her mother, as we commonly find that seals abandon their premature pups,” said Tim Lebling, the stranding coordinator for the Alaska Sealife Center.

Within her first week at the center, Olympia shed her lanugo coat in favor of the black-and-white spotted coat commonly seen in harbor seals. And she's gaining strength by drinking a special formula for harbor seals five times a day.

Staff at the center will continue to care for the orphan until she can be released back into the wild. According to a recent update from the center, this outcome seems promising: “Olympia continues to grow stronger every day, and has proven to be quite the feisty little pup.”


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